Who We are & why

"I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money." --Kerouac

Cambria Handmade was born from the love of making something handmade for the people we care about. That passion has become the core of our business. At Cambria Handmade we celebrate the art of hand crafting high-end leather accessories. No corner is cut. Quality is our utmost priority.

This is why unlike most all of our competitors, no sewing machines are used. Our hands are our machines. This hands-only philosophy is based on the strength and durability of the saddle stitch, which has been used by artisans for ages. Why? It is the strongest stitch and results in a more durable, superior product when compared to mass produced, machine made goods.

We are slow luxury with warmth, soul and a damn good story. And the industry is taking notice.  Women’s Wear Daily (a leading fashion trade journal) featured us as a “Brand to Watch” in 2015. Cambria Handmade also received “Best New and Emerging Brand” by the largest men’s trade show in the world, Project for Men Tents.  Our bespoke pieces are carried by fun personalities such as Robert Plant, Rachael Ray, Emma Thompson and Andrew Zimmern. This fall the Inspiration Network is airing a full episode on us in a brand new show called “Handcrafted America.”

Our customer cares about how his/her bag is made, who made it and why. Dont you?

Email Cambria: cambria@cambriahandmade.com

Cambria in her studio in Austin

Cambria in her studio in Austin

Cambria was born in New Mexico and raised in Texas. Spending many a childhood summer riding horses on her New Mexico family ranch, she grew to love the rush of leather smell upon opening the saddle house door each morning. Riding horses equaled freedom. If you've ever had the opportunity to roam uninhibited on horseback through open range, mesas, and canyons with no boundaries as far as your eyes can see, you can comprehend how freedom takes on a whole new meaning. This is when the nostalgia began.

Cambria made her first bag in 1996. She picked up an Al Stohlman "How to saddle stitch" book, a few tools, a cowhide and got to work. "Why put all that effort into making something that isn't going to last? I love surrounding myself with things that have stories and meaning. Call me a hopeless romantic but it just feels better."

Fast forward to 2015 and not much has changed. Cambria and her leather smiths are still using the same saddle stitching method and basic tools to make bags and accessories. Quality and years of adventure go so well together.